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Use Your Roar

             Bailey was big for his age, even for a bear, and had a voice bigger than most. 


            “There is a time and a place for your roaring.”  His mother would say pointing to his helmet.  “Go find it!”  


            Bailey wondered where he would fit best while splashing his bike through puddles. 

“Say, you should be in the circus, kiddo.” he heard from the sidewalk. 

[Circus Poster]


            “I bet I can be loud there!”  He said and aimed his bike toward the Big Top.


            Bailey was astounded by the colors and the noise and the music of it all.  There was a tingling in his chest and he wanted to high-five everyone.

            Bailey found the man in charge and asked for a job in his tents.  

“Can you demonstrate any skills?” the Ringmaster asked

            “The bike-I can ride!”  Bailey said with a smile.

            “Proceed.”  Said the top-hatted man.

            Bailey sped around barrows of dung then jumped a pool of seals before screeching to a stop in front of the Ringmaster.

            “Hmm, well demonstrated; but we already have a bear.  Ours’ rides a unicycle, can you do that?” the man asked.

            Bailey shook his head, ‘no’.  “But I can try.”

“No room here if that’s all you can do.”  The Ringmaster said curtly.  “See me when you can demonstrate something of use.”


            From that point on Bailey dedicated himself to finding his spot in the circus.


            Bailey walked the tight rope to no avail.  He tried feeding the snakes but they were not friendly.  He was too big for the canon; too small to pull the wagons.


            He tried ripping the tickets but only mangled them.  Then he tried out for the clown brigade and stuffed himself into their clown car.   


             He tried twirling taffy, and washing walruses, and shining seals.  He tried barking, and building, and shoveling, and salting yet nothing brought success.  Bailey tried every job available but failed at each one. 


            Bailey was befuddled.  “But I know I should be here!  I feel it in my feet!” 

He couldn’t hold his frustration any longer.  Bailey clenched his paws and roared a mighty roar.  His voice thundered over the crowd halting everyone in their tracks.  For a moment silence came to the circus; even the lions muzzled their meows.


             “Why didn’t you demonstrate that sooner?!” the Ringmaster yelled while tossing the Lion Tamer’s whip.           

Bailey caught the lash and smiled.  He growled toward the lions and they bowed to commands. 


            Bailey loved his new job and helped the lions learn all sorts of tricks.  Walking tightropes while juggling mice was first.  From there they learned to swim, braid hair and long division. 


            News spread fast about The Bear Who Tamed Lions, soon the circus was sold out.  Now the only thing louder than Bailey’s roar was his applause.

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