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The Misbegotten Pear

The north side of the third branch of the pear tree was abustle with conversation. “I’d be great in a salad.”  Said a big pear to the right.  “My taste is better suited for desserts.” Came from above.


One young pear dreamed to feed as many people as possible, “Oh gosh, I hope I’m served at party!”  It said to a pal.  Before the friend could reply it was plucked off its twig and disappeared below.


“Its happening!” Yelled the young pear and cheers went up through the branches.  “Let’s do this.”  Said the pear as it was loaded onto a truck.


‘Nourish & Delight.’  Could be read on the crates.  The young pear repeated to itself as the truck rumbled toward the city.  “Nourish and delight.” 


“Better hope you don’t bruise from all that rustling.” Came from behind.  The young pear looked to see a bright red apple sunning itself.  

“I didn’t, I was careful.”  The pear said. 

“Hmm, you must have tough skin; that’ll be helpful where you’re going.” Replied the apple. 


As the truck crossed the bridge to the city the buildings grew before them.  There was a different kind of wind here; the place hummed with anticipation.


Under the green awning the fruit was sorted, only the best was chosen to grace the display.  The young pear was snagged and perched atop the growing wall of color.  “Just a matter of time now.”  The pear said.


To the left and right pears got purchased all day.  “How am I supposed to get picked if everyone looks so good?”  Mumbled the pear.  The afternoon was fading and so was the pear’s hope.  “Was this just a misbegotten plan?”


Just then a hand came rummaging through the produce.  It lingered over the kiwi but soon selected the young pear. “Huzzah!  I’m going to nourish and delight!” 


The perfumed hand held tightly to the bag as it crossed into the park.  “How lovely, they have trees here too.”  Just as it was admiring a sycamore there was a commotion below that jostled the groceries.  Before the pear knew it they were falling fast.


A terrible thud was felt on its side and scudded across the pavement.  “Oh, that’s gonna bruise...”  It wailed.

Then a shoe scuffed the pear off the path before mashing it into the grass.


The pear could only sigh.  “Woe is me.  I guess I’ll never be a part of the big meal.  No nourishing, no delighting…”  The pear mumbled as it drifted off to a long, long sleep.

It had dreams of pure white that grew to a brightness that overwhelmed everything.  Eventually they turned into dark clouds that churned endlessly with rain, fire, thunder and frost.


To its surprise the pear woke one day very much alive.  It felt strange yet strong; things were different, very different.

Eager to inspect itself the pear examined its body.  The pear was no longer yellow but was now brown all over and covered in rough bark.  Its stem was longer and it had leaves again.


“Leaves… But I…?” Just then he caught its reflection in the chrome fender of a passing bike. 

“Oh my, I’ve really changed!” 

Its branches stretched out far making room for oodles of blooms. “Think of all the people I can feed now!” the pear tree said. 


“Nourish and delight.”  The pear tree said to itself as it pondered all the meals it would soon be a part.

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