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Nanny Cat

“Papa, why does Puzzle sleep all day?”

“She is very tired from defending the castle.”

“What castle, daddy?”

“Our castle. This house”

“Oh. Really? But nothing ever happens here.”

“Yeah, that’s’ cus Puzzle keeps out the riff raff.”

“Riff raff?”

“Riff raff. Vermin, scroundrels, nogoodniks. Sneeks, cheats, liars. Who knows what else…”

“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true, watch her some night. She would start by patrolling before sunset, putting the gnomes on their tasks. Then to the porch to ensure the swing is in order, scolds the moths addicted to light.


She scoots to the landing ready to right the upturned boot, then to the basement to settle the roach disputes. Bugs and beetles scurry, but they all bow when Puzz is about.


How many burglaries has Puzzle stopped? No way to know. She keeps the mice in line, too.


She knows all the fairies and is friends with most of the trolls under the porch.


The ghosts on the stairs are no match for her wits, neither are the monsters under the bed. Even the skeletons in the closet are compelled to rest under her spell.


Not even the space invaders can withstand her charm.”


IMAGE-All the critters have gathered in the attic for a card game, of which Puzzle has been offering invitations on her rounds. The showdown proves Puzzle the victor and respectfully sends the hordes packing.


“Maybe it has something to do with all that,” her father said with a smile. “Or maybe Puzzle is just lazy.”

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