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Faenum And

The Fair

Faenum And The Fair

Faenum James Pierce disobeys his parents and runs away to the 1904 world's Fair in search of his destiny. Along the way he meets scoundrels, saviors and scamps. By the end of his trip he gets nothing he was after, or does he?

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The Boars



The Boars of Bushwick

A terrifying truth awaits Aiden Scower on his rounds this evening. An attack that will change his life forever brings him face to face with the underbelly of NYC and the truth behind the Department of Sanitation.

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The Men Of Jump River

Follow a lumberjack camp through the winter of 1889. More than frigid storms and brutal labor await men who answer the call of the woods.

The Legend of Mouth Boulder


A Treasure Hunt

The Legend of Mouth Boulder

Desmond could never keep a secret. Not once in his eight years did he manage to hold on to words he was meant to keep safe. Not the cat that crept in last summer, or the frogs the year before that. Not the goldfish fiasco and certainly not the tripwire, so why Terre thought she could trust such a soul with the news of Tun and Ulf would be beyond any who knew them. Tough to blame her though, I’d want to spill the beans if I came across something as mysterious as a talking rock and an ancient Viking.

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Book no.2
Book no.3
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