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A Most Incredible Thing

            Philip ran home before it was dark.  He loved to watch the sunset from the back yard and wait for a most incredible thing to occur.


            Most evenings he had lessons or homework or something to keep him busy but he never stopped thinking about it. Nothing compared to the thrill of the most incredible thing. 


            Just before the sun went down he would find a spot near the marigolds and wait patiently.


Out of the walls it climbed, stretching out great distances.  It was never the same thing but it was always a most incredible thing.          


            Some nights it would be a raging steam locomotive bolting out of his parent’s apartment. 


Other times it would be a huge Viking boat with furs and gold and a hundred grumbling men.


            Only one thing was certain, Philip would see something incredible every night.


One day Philip’s father sat him down and told him they would have to move away. The time would soon come when his family would be too big for the tiny apartment. “You’ll need the room.” His father said.  Being a big brother is a big job.”


            Philip took the news terribly and was inconsolable for a time. “But what about the most incredible thing?” he said to no one in particular.


            Philip made a point to visit the most incredible thing as often as possible as moving day neared.  But even the most incredible thing was different these days. 


            Philip knew what moving could mean.  It could be a bully and a new school filled with strangers.  It could be a crib overflowing with girly toys.  It could even be angry dog that lurks by the bus stop.


            Philip ran inside, dodging the moving boxes, and said to his mother “I’m not going with you.  I don’t want to leave the most incredible thing.  I don’t want things to change.”


            “Oh, Philip.”  His mother said.  “We are a family; we should stick together.  Besides, the most incredible thing will always be around.”

            “What?” Philip asked. “How?”

            “Well, do you remember the pirates?


            “And the cannons?”


            “And the swords?


            “Sounds like you got it all right inside you.” His mother said with a smile


            “That’s…incredible.” Philip said.  “You’re right, we should stick together.” 

“I’m glad you agree.” Replied his mother. “And just think, now you can show a whole new person the most incredible thing.”


            Philip’s eyes brightened and he knew exactly what he wanted to do first when he and his baby sister arrived. 

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