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Published by Levellers Press and edited by Sara Rauch, Mammoth, Massachusetts romps though literary genres with dark humor and truth about the brutality of life. 

Mammoth, Massachusetts is a collection of sci-fi, fantasy and horror that combines unfortunate histories with the world of folk tales. Comprised of 20 stories spanning time and space, the mainstay is Mammoth, Massachusetts, a rural town where the weird rubs against everything. Rambunctious, inventive, and darkly compelling, these stories investigate the importance of local lore, legends and what it means to be part of a community. Mammoth, Massachusetts will show you parts of the world you never knew existed. Some of those parts are right in your back yard…



A new name in Science Fiction:

Mammoth, Massachusetts



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After spending half my life on a farm in Wisconsin and half in film production in New York City, I now reside in western Massachusetts. I am a husband and a father. Nature and society's underbelly are often the focus of my work.

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